First District Association of Baptists in Kentucky
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President  Paulette Jones
Queen Ann Baptist Church, Trenton, KY
The First District Women’s Missionary & Educational Convention, (WMEC) an auxiliary to the First District Association of Baptists in Kentucky, was established in 1893, with the following objectives and purposes:

· To Promote Christian Education through support of the District and its objective, Hopkinsville College of the Bible and other Baptist educational institutions deemed acceptable by the First District Association;

· To provide scholarships to women from any church who holds active membership in the First District Association to attend Hopkinsville College of the Bible;

· To promote home and foreign mission efforts;

· To provide programs and fellowship opportunities that address the needs of women and youth.

Current Officers:

Recording Secretary                   Sis. Gwen Johnson

Corresponding Secretary         Sis. Patricia Wilson

Financial Secretary                    Sis. Barbara Moore

Treasurer                                       Sis. Florene Kendrick  

Historian                                        Sis. Martha Holley

Chorister                                        Sis. Charlotte Waller

Pianist                                             Sis. Mary Vickie Scott

Asst. Pianist                                 Sis. Charlotte Waller

Youth Director                           Sis. Donna Stafford

 Asst. Youth Director               Sis. Victoria Pettus

President Emeritus                 Sis. Cornelia Belle   

The First District Women's Missionary & Educational Convention is the mother branch of the following:

​*Mission Circle Presidents:
Circle # 1 - Pernell Eaves 
Circle #3 - Bettye Shelton
Circle #4 - Elizabeth Ann Cabell 
Circle #5 - Dorothy Russell  

*District Youth Branch - 3 Active youth sessions which is associated within District Youth

*Ministers Wives & Widows Council: President Janet Flagg

​**Hopkinsville College of the Bible Trustee Board and WMEC Liaisons: Sis. Flossie Foster and Sis. Jeanette Owens

1st Vice Pres.  Dorothy Green 
Queen Ann Baptist Church, Trenton, KY
2nd Vice Pres. Renee Fort
Virginia St. Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, KY